Near the end of chapter 8, I was disturbed by this story: “In Holland, no one discovered the body of a reclusive, elderly man who died in his apartment until six months after his death. Eventually someone noticed that he had a large accumulation of mail. This incident was described as a ‘particularly disturbing example of computer dependency'” (p.393).  The excuse the authorities made was that because the person’s bills were all paid automatically, everyone just assumed he was alive.  Nobody cared to check up on him even though the mail wasn’t collected for six months.

Was this really the fault of computers, or is it just that people don’t care about each other?  Aside from this incident, do you agree that we are too dependent on computers?  Why or why not?


I want to need four Discussions on above paragraph  . All Discussion must be in Different way also in your own words.


1)      Discussion :

2)      Discussion :

3)      Discussion :

4)      Discussion :




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