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ok so here is what I need…please visit https://www.autotraderclassics.com/sellmycar.xhtml and select one of the packages and it will take you to a web page where you need to select a year a make and a model…I have a similar page and I need those 3 fields year make and model to appear on my page EXACTLY as they appear on the original page…if you will look closely at the original page you will notice that depending on the year you select the make field will populated ONLY with the makes that ware available in that year and the model field is still not populated. Only after you select a make in the make field the model field will get populated with the models that ware available for that make in that year…if you change the year or the make the model field will automatically change and new info appears in there. I need to have on my page these 3 fields and to behave exactly like the ones from the original page…I can provide my page as well for compassion…it is a simple page which is hosted locally and all it does is to save the data in a txt file on my pc..

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