Using the case provided, propose a technology solution that results from your analysis of the business environment. First, analyze the…

Using the case provided, propose a technology solution that results from your analysis of the business environment. First, analyze the business environment and select one of the three challenges/opportunities areas where application of technology would align with the strategic outcomes to improve the business. Then, provide three different recommendations that you would have for improvements in that challenge/opportunity area. All three recommendations do not have to employ technology, but at least one must. From your recommendations, select a specific technology solution and describe how that solution would contribute to business goals. Your analysis will be presented in a two- to three-page memo to Rock Martin, the CEO of SUH, Inc., using a Microsoft Word memo template. Write the memo as if you were actually writing to your boss and need to convey the background and information you used to develop your recommendations. External resources are not required, but if you use them, remember to correctly cite and reference them in APA style format. Your memo should cover all of the following areas. 1. Challenge/Opportunity Area for SUH. Choose one of the three areas below that could benefit from a solution and explain why it is in need of a solution a. Sales support: discuss problems associated with sales representative problems with no backup solutions, training issues and different methods of information storage. In addition, there is an increase in interest of the rental versus purchase of shelters b. Manufacturing/Supply services: discuss problems associated with the need for just-in-time delivery of filters to the canister manufacturing process as well as the correct production of shelters to fulfill the sales/leasing requirements. c. Financial/Inventory Management: discussion the fact that SUH is maintaining three different financial systems, each system has different report formats, reporting integration is needed, time waste consolidating the information for the required reports, different inventory procedures and the fact inventory doesn’t include manufactured leased or sold products. 2. Recommendations. Briefly (2 – 3 sentences each), describe three recommendations that would help to solve the problem you chose to solve in step 1; all three do not have to be technology solutions, they may include process or procedure changes. At least one must use technology. a. Recommendation 1 b. Recommendation 2 c. Recommendation 3 3. Proposed IT Solution. From the three recommendations you provided in step #2 (parts a, b, c), select one that is a technology solution that you could champion and explain its functionality in approximately 3 -5 sentences. (The full technical description of the solution will be covered later in Exercise 1.) You do not need to address or incorporate all three recommendations. Simply select one of them that uses technology and briefly describe what it would do for SUH. 4. Solution fit to Challenge/Opportunity. Using the technology solution you chose for step #3, describe how that solution would help solve the challenge/opportunity you chose in step #1.

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