unit 7 2 1

write around 150 words


This week, instead of our usual lecture and readings format, you will be posting presentations on a topic relevant to current urban planning.

This assignment is designed to have students practice applying class learning to relevant, contemporary urban issues in planning. Students will work in pairs on this assignment (likely your partner will be the same partner you work with to present on the readings one week). Locate a reputable news article that reports on a recent issue/development in urban planning. The subject could be a particular plan that a specific city is implementing, or it could focus on a debate or development in urban planning more broadly. Your analysis should be between 800-1200 words, and should include:

• an overview of the plan, debate or development
• an analysis of how the subject relates to content we have covered and discussed in class; why is this important and what can we take away from it?
• an analysis of whether the article contains any bias; if so, how does this bias reflect a larger context of conflicting urban interests (actors or factions that might be add odds in the planning and use of urban space)

NOTE: You must include the following in your presentation:
1. A link to the article.
2. A full citation.
3. Images and/or news clip. Be sure to cite the sources for the images and clip. 

10/12 – 10/13     Faculty Development – no class

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