three questions


please cite and reference.


This is not a paper. I need 150 words per question.


No plagarism please. Thank you!


Question 1

You are working in the emergency room, where Mr. Herrera is in anaphylactic shock. In anaphylactic shock, the capillaries become leaky, allowing plasma proteins that are normally kept inside the blood vessels to escape into the interstitial fluid. Which of the pressures driving bulk flow is altered in this case and in what direction is the change?

Question 2

Gabriel, a heroin addict, feels tired, is weak and feverish, and has vague aches and pains. Terrified that he has AIDS, he goes to a doctor and is informed that he is suffering not from AIDS, but from a heart murmur accompanied by endocarditis. What is the most likely way that Gabriel contracted endocarditis?

Question 3

Occasionally a child will grow into a toddler and in some rare cases a teen with this condition being undiagnosed. This child are thin, pale, and will often posture to help their breathing. How does this posturing help them to breathe?

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