the relationship between schizophrenia and violent crime, psychology homework help

I need five legit sources on the relationship between schizophrenia and violent crime. Cite sources in APA correctly. The write these points for each source. ENG 112 YOU HAVE TO SEARCH “THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCHIZOPRENIA AND VIOLENT CRIME” THEN FIND YOUR LEGIT SOURCES. NO WIKIPEDIA

  • What are some of the topics discussed in these articles?
  • What do the authors agree about?
  • What do they disagree about?
  • What are some of the additional areas they suggest for further study?
  • What questions do you have as you proceed with the assign
    1. From your five sources, identify at least four issues the authors discuss in common and on which they probably disagree to some extent. Provide a list of the four issues you will discuss in your literature review. For each, note briefly some of the differing presentations or disagreements among your sources. This part of the assignment should be 200-250 words. Do not take it lightly; this discussion will be the basis of the rest of your work in this module!
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