I/O Psy as follows:                  Book:   Aamodt’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology: An Applied Approach, 7th Edition  ISBN-13: 9781111839970


Please respond to the three discussion questions below. Write a response using information from your text and scholarly research articles to support your reasoning, opinions, and arguments. Each response should be approximately 200 words or more. When stating your answers, do NOT use the same examples that are given in the text. Include scholarly research to support your views.

1. Managers can use different styles of leadership. Have your managers typically been participative or authoritarian? What are the problems with being too participative? What about the problems with being too authoritarian? Give examples. [This addresses SLO 9] 
What is your manager’s favorite style of power? What type of power is more likely to be used by a participative manager? What type of power is more likely to be used by an authoritarian manager? Explain. [This addresses SLO 9] 

2. [This addresses SLO 8 & 10] Research a contemporary change management model and discuss the steps that are utilized in the model. What are the strengths and limitations to the model in implementing change? How do you see the model relevant to issues within the workplace? (Cornell and Burke’s models are examples) 

3. All modern business cultures must learn to communicate important information frequently via technology (conference call, e-mail, etc.) rather than face-to-face. What are some of the implications of these new forms of communication? How can you help prevent communication breakdowns? [This addresses SLO 8] Provide examples. What is the role of the organization to prevent communication breakdowns?


Astronomy as follows: No word count  Book: Astronomy Today 7th w/Mastering and Skygazer 5.0 CD . 7th Edition. Eric Chaisson and Steve McMillan. Addison-Wesley. 2011. 9780321921499.


1. Using the knowledge you have gained thus far in class, create and present a hypothesis of why you believe the Milky Way looks the way it does. Formulate a method to test this to create a theory.  Whose theory (if any) supports this concept and description?  Formulate and present your own theory of why you believe the galaxy looks the way it does. Be sure to provide support for your theory.

2. What phenomenon in space would you explore further?  Give us a description of the phenomena, formulate a hypothesis about the phenomena and how you would go about studying it.

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