team assignment bshs 422

Write a minimum 5-page (or 1700 words)* paper which indicates your overall findings as it pertains to the cultural competency of the program based on the results of your assessment tool, and the questions your team came up with. Reports your method, findings, and recommendations for how this program could increase its cultural competency. Include the following information:


·         A brief history of the site

·         The population served

·         The services offered

·         A mission statement

·         Demographics

·         Staff and client makeup this is my portion should be about 400 words and you can use the website and the interview to obtain the information you need.

·         Annual budget

·         Source of budget

This is the portion that we have to spilt up, based on the interview Zalina will be doing with Gateway Behavioral Health.  She has provided the website  so that each of us can do some additional research.  

She will be interviewing Mr. Timothy Brewer on Friday at 1000 and will post her interview findings later in the afternoon on Friday.  Zalina can you base a few of your questions around the needed information?  Any additional comments or suggestions are always welcomed.

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