software project management 1

Phase 2/Unit 2: Software Standards


Using the financial management software initiative and the project plan that you created in Unit 1 as a base, develop a report for the CIO that will outline how you plan to incorporate the ISO standards and IEEE standards into the overall project development effort. Make sure that you incorporate code review and continuous improvement cycles along with tasks to ensure that the standards outlined are incorporated in the software project plan.



Phase 3/Unit 3: 


You are now ready to start the development effort for the financial management software. The CIO stopped by your office and stated that before the project could begin he wants you to prepare a risk assessment, human resource plan, and work breakdown schedule for the project for his review and approval. The CIO also wants to validate that you have the appropriate stakeholders identified for the project. Build upon the assignment deliverable from Unit 2 to help you prepare this assignment.



I am going to attach the Unit 1 document where I described the Selected methodology (Agile Methodlogy) and advantages and disadvantages of the methodlogy. I need to help for Unit 2 and Unit 3 assignments.



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