Seeking Assistance

This discussion forum explores the value of recognizing when you, as an instructor, need assistance while working in an online learning environment and how to go about getting assistance. Respond to the following and, if applicable, include your own personal experience:
Begin by considering this week’s material regarding reaching out to get the help you need when teaching in the online classroom.

Construct an initial post that describes three areas in which you, as an instructor feel you might need the help of others in an online classroom and why. Give concrete examples of both your specific need, as well as the source and description of a solution. Examples might include assistance with your course Learning Management System (LMS), support for converting face to face activities to the online environment such as group work or peer evaluation, or you may wish to find support for student writing skills and plagiarism, or Communities of Practice (CoP) dedicated to online learning education.

Next, locate resources on the Web, on your campus, from technical support hotlines, or elsewhere that you could d tap into to find the help you might need. Share those resources with your classmates in your post.

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