See below.

 Read the book “Flatland, A Romance in Many Dimensions” by Edwin Abbott


MLA formating

Then write a 250 word+ essay (same parameter as always, must contain at least one “idea”, and one or more references, etc. etc.)  Here is the topical category for you to work on;
Discuss a question along the lines of one or more of the following interesting questions:


1.  How does his book relate to “General Relativity”?

2. Does the general public have a need to understand higher dimensional geometry?  Does this book succeed in being informative

3. Why does Abbott only consider Euclidean Geometry, and how is this a metaphor for the rigidity of “Flatlander” culture?

Answer all questions in the 250+essay. Use more than one reference. 

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott.   The following Wiki page is most informative:


 you may put in your own personal opinion and observations as well as references about others’ opinions and observations.  The more critical analysis you do, and the more research you use, the better 

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