SBE310 Week 3: Entrepreneurial Finance Basics – You Decide






Create investment criteria for Mr. Johnson that will outline what his company will be willing to evaluate for investing. The criteria will be created by you, which will be posted on the website to be seen by entrepreneurs.

Here are some examples of criteria, but not limited to the following.

  • Development Stage: What stage does your investor prefer (concept, idea, break-even)?
  • Geographic Location: Location the investor prefers.
  • Industry: The industry your investor prefers.
  • Revenue: Outline the level of profit you want the company to show.
  • Return on Investor (ROI) Desired: The amount of ROI you desire.
  • Technology Focus: The focus of the entrepreneurs’ technology (i.e., biomedical, Internet, etc.).
  • Management: Level of experience you desire from the management team.
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A demonstration of the competitive advantage.
  • Exit Strategy: The exit strategy your investor prefers.
  • Size of Market: The size of the marketplace that you prefer.
  • Size of Investment: The range of the investment your investor is willing to disperse.
  • Proof of Concept: A list of sales and a prototype required.

Your proposal should be 2-3 pages in length with a detailed list of your criteria and explanations for the criteria. Reference with APA Format

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