1)    and explain two types of prewriting. Demonstrate each of your chosen.Prewriting methods using the topic below

TOPICl: Planting a garden


2) Name and explan the steps of the writing process. Be sure to include why each step is important.




3)    Rewrite the following paragraph, correcting errors in spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

Education is very important in todays technologically advanced society. Without a basic education, which include some knowledge of computers and social media a person cannot got a quality job or earn a god living. In order to afford a family and a  good life people must keep up with technology and stay on school


4)    Identify three clichés. Use each one in a sentence that demonstrates its meaning. (please note that the cliché must be part of an original sentence and cannot be a sentence in itself.)

5)    write a paragraph of at least ieght sentences comparing and contrasting the topic below

         TOPIC: Going  to a movie theatre and watching a movie at home

6)    Using chronological order, write a paragraph of at least five sentences on the topic below.
    TOPIC: How to wrap a present






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