Presenting Yourself as a Global Leader

Activity Instructions

Draw upon your Leadership Development Plan to prepare an executive summary of your paper (see final project description for definition of executive summary) and a PowerPoint presentation in which you present your global leadership credentials to a corporate leadership team.

Imagine that you are interviewing for a dream leadership position in a global firm. (It may help you to identify a specific firm, industry, and leadership position. It can be fictitious if you’d prefer but will have more meaning if it is something you actually hope for in your future.) Before flying to corporate headquarters, you receive a request from the top leadership team. The team members ask to see a 10-minute presentation on:

  • Your concerns for the future.
  • Your preferred leadership theory.
  • An overview of your individual global leadership strengths.
  • Highlights of your plans to evolve your individual leadership skills.

Remember that you will want to tailor your presentation to reflect the particular firm, industry, and leadership position for which you are being considered.

Read the Presenting Yourself as a Global Leader Scoring Guide, in the Resources, to understand the criteria that will be used to grade your presentation.

Post your presentation (no more than 15 slides) with a detailed script (not bullet points but complete sentences and paragraphs) in this assignment with your executive summary. Also post both documents to the first discussion in this unit for feedback from your peers.


Please Read!

Your assignment provides you the opportunity to prepare a presentation to an individual or group that you identify as someone who is important to your career who would benefit from hearing your leadership perspectives and plan.  Once you decide who you would present this to, you will prepare two items for your assignment.


  1. Powerpoint slide presentation
  • No more than 15 slides
  • In the notes section for each slide, you will have the “script” of what you would say for each slide.  It should not be bullets or quick notes.  It should be a full script to I can understand what you will be saying if I were in the room watching this presentation.
  1. An executive summary
  • This is a 1-2 page recap of the point you want the audience to remember from your presentation.  It should talk about the highlights from your presentation.  It does not need to be in APA format. 


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