Police Culture

The word culture refers to patterns of human activity or the way of life for a society. It generally includes informal codes or rules of manners, dress, language, behavior, rituals, and systems of belief. Large societies often have subcultures or groups of people with distinct sets of values, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that differentiate them from the larger culture of which they are a part. Many researchers point to a separate police culture or subculture. There are many factors that contribute to a police culture, such as working unusual shifts, pride in having an honorable job, loyalty to their backup, being in harm’s way, lack of understanding from the general public about what the police go through, dealing constantly with the criminal element in society, and so on. Police do have a distinct culture and it is recognizable.


  • Analyze and explain the advantages and disadvantages of a strong internal police culture in an agency.
  • Provide a critique to the statement; police culture refers to us-versus-them attitude. Justify your answer with appropriate reasoning.



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