PACE Anthro 101

Independent Learning Exercise #2




1) Go to the website:


2) Watch all five parts (i.e., Prologue, Evidence, Anatomy, Lineages, Culture) 


of the Interactive Video. (Click on the arrow in the middle of the page next to 


“Launch the Video” to get started.) 


3) For “Evidence,” “Anatomy,” “Lineages,” and “Culture” write an original


sentence or two, summarizing what you learned. Do not copy from any source. 


Put quotes around any exact quotations you use. Number each summary 1 to 4 to 


correspond to the four parts (e.g., 1. Evidence)


4) Explore at least one other feature on the website and write a short summary 


of what you learned. Number this summary “5” and clearly identify the feature 


(e.g., Related Exhibit in Evidence, “Finding Fossils”; “Chromosome Connection” 


in the Learning Center).


5) Submit a double-spaced, typed .

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