Opinion 2

The first classmate


3. I think that alcoholism and other drug addictions are a consequence of nurture. The environmental factors that contribute to such problems are friends who already take drugs or drink and peer pressure the person to try. Also advertisment because there are commercials of different alcohols saying it is good, it is great for parties, and people should try the drink.

4. There is a difference between voluntarily attending meetings of an organization as compared to being ordered to attend. The key distinction is that people who are willing to attend, know that they have a problem and want to cure their problem. If the person is order to attend by a judge, the person does not really care and will not see it as a problem, but as a waste of time, so the person will continue to have the drug addiction or being an alcoholic.


The second classmate

   I think that alcoholism and drug addiction is more nurture than nature.  Children that grow up in families where addiction is prevelent are much more likely to become addicts themselves.  Also, the peers in which you surround yourself with can add pressure to start drinking or doing drugs, which then can lead to full on addiction.  It’s important to understand that there are also personality flaws that can contribute to addiction.  Most addicts suffer from lack of self-control, which might be genetic.  

There is most definitely a difference between someone who voluntarily seeks treatment and someone who is court ordered.  In order to truly kick addiction, the addict needs to want to get sober.  You cannot force someone to get sober.  If they are going to treatment for the wrong reasons, they are more likely to relapse.  

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