Objective: To critically analyze a single story from multiple periodical vantage points (at least three). Number of stories needed: 5

You will analyze a single story either periodically or pictorially from three different article sources. You will read the articles/pictures and attach the links or the photographs representing the story you have chosen. In one sentence you will describe the basic structure of the story and in the following sentences you will describe the similarities or inconsistencies in reporting from various periodicals. The differences you are looking for can come from the way actors or states in the story are described, from the vantage point of the story (capitalist, realist, liberal, Marxist, conservative, state-based, individual-based etc. ), or from the editorial byline of the periodical (i.e. does the bias of the periodical stand out in their reporting, when compared to other stories?)  


** The homework instructions are at the end of the file I have attached. 

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