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Opinionated Essay Rubric                                                                  Total:               /100


Exceeds Expectations: (Meets all objectives, or accomplishes objective thoroughly)                                                                        

Proficient: (Meets most objectives, or accomplishes objective generally)

Basic Understanding: (Meets some objectives, or accomplishes objective somewhat)

Below Basic Understanding: (Meets Few or No Objectives, or barely accomplishes objective, if at all)



Exceeds Expectations


Basic Understanding

Below Basic Understanding

Assignment Goals




1.) Intro Lays out the ‘dialogue’— the differing perspectives regarding the interpretation of the topic or issue

2.) Thesis statement is specific, organized, and expresses a clear and original opinion on a debatable topic.

3.) Throughout essay, effectively introduces differing perspectives to the topic or issue being discussed. Opposing views on the topic are anticipated and introduced; points of merit are acknowledged and opposing arguments are effectively argued against.

4.) Throughout essay, provides supporting information for the argument being made; Supporting info is appropriate and flows smoothly into argument.

5.)  The subject being discussed in the essay is focused and specific.

6.)Conclusion discusses the significance of recognizing his or her opinion as the correct interpretation.











1.) Each paragraph is focused and organized, with a clear tie-in to the thesis.

2.) The introduction effectively clarifies your main purpose and point for the reader. It features an effective thesis statement.

3.) In the essay’s body, main ideas are well organized and the argument is thoroughly analyzed from numerous perspectives and supported with factual information.






Grammar, Mechanics, & Formatting


1.) Grammar and mechanics errors are nonexistent or rare, and are never distracting.

2.) Paper is typed in 12-point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman font.





Essays under four FULL pages will be penalized




Research Assignment Rubric                                                                                              /45



Citation (Library Assignment) Requirements

Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Basic Understanding

Below Basic Understanding

1.) At least three separate references are properly introduced and cited within the essay.

2.) All info that requires a citation has a citation.

3.) Sources chosen are timely and strengthen the author’s argument.








1.) A works cited page is included as the last page of the essay and contains at least three properly cited sources (of which at least two are print, non-web-based sources).








1.) The sources cited in the essay match up with the sources cited on the works cited page.














Putting Together a Works Citation




  1. Type a works cited page with at least three complete and properly-formatted sources.


  2. Refer to each of these sources at least once in your library assignment essay (meaning that you should have at least two references or quotes in your essay) and credit them with in-text citations.*
































It is important to know and understand how to use a library and to use it effectively.  As part of a requirement for this class, a library assignment must be completed and turned in for a grade. 




Example 1: A Book (this example is a book with only one author)




Author’s last name, author’s first name author’s middle initial (if they list one). Title of book. City of publication (if they list numerous cities, cite only the first one listed): The name of the publisher, year of publication




Smithehiggins, Richard P. Searching for Sasquatch in America: The Mystery Continues. Boston:




Note that I indented when I started the second line of the source. This helps the reader to understand where one source ends and the next begins (just like indenting paragraphs).


Scholastic, 1995










Example 2: A Magazine or Newspaper




Author’s last name, author’s first name. “Name of the article.” Name of the magazine, journal, or newspaper date month year: pages where you got the information.




Goldwaithe, Chauncey. “Can People Really Explode if They Burp and Sneeze at the Same


            Time?” National Enquirer 5 May 2004: 13-14






Example 3: Information from an Internet Site




Author’s last name, author’s first name. “Name of article.” Name of webpage date info was published (or most recently updated). Company that published the webpage. Date you accessed the webpage <web address where information came from>.




Liberatore, Phil. “Arizona’s Immigration Law.” Big Government 18 May 2010. Fox News. 18


November 2010 <>.


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