Multi-Genre Research Essay question HELP

I’m doing an Multi Genre Research Essay on WW2. For the prospectus part of the essay I need to answer the following questions:

§What is your topic or theme?
§Why does it interest you?
§What is the purpose of your research?
§From whose point of view will you be writing?
§Who is your audience?
§What resources do you plan to use?
I wrote: 
I decided to write about World War II as my topic. I also decided write about a women waiting for her soldier to come home in World War II. I wanted to research something about World War II because I don’t know much about that war, and thought that I could learn more about it. I thought it was horrible that many soldiers went to war, but never returned.

    Any one who is interested in World War II or even history at all would be my audience for this essay.  I made it my goal to research stories about soldiers who were killed in WWII. I also researched women who were widowed, because there husbands died in war. 


Did I answer all the questions? How can I improve this?

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