motion to dismiss LAW

Hi, Write a motion to dismiss concerning the case of : MRS. (JUSTICE) ANN WALSH BRADLEY PLAINTIFF – AND – MR. (JUSTICE) DAVID T. PROSSER, JR. DEFENDANT This assignment must contain: (1) Letter to client (enclosing courtesy copies of the other 3 documents). 2 page maximum. (2) Cover letter to court (with cc to opponent’s lawyer). 2 page maximum. (3) Notice of Motion of Dismiss … 2006 WL 4778226 – you can find this on westlaw int’l. 3 page maximum. (4) Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss … model … 2006 WL 4778228 – you can find this on westlaw int’l. 6 page maximum. This does not include caption page, table of contents, table of authorities, etc. — factual claims need record support — legal claims need support in relevant law so this assignment is a approximatly 15 pages long. I can send you files, examples, and details if you accept to do this! thanks!!

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