MKTG | Help Unit1 – Discussion Board

When marketing a new product in society today, you will need to understand how to identify quality information and recognize reliable marketing research. You will also need to know how to conduct research while developing skills to understand a scientific method as it applies to the marketing decision-making process.

Your supervisor, Mr. Johnson, is trying to figure out how to market your company’s new product. Because it is imperative that the product does well, Mr. Johnson asks you to write a report in which you research an advertising campaign or ad (i.e., furniture or clothing line) and explain what type of strategies and tactics went into its development.

For this assignment, you must make a 600–800 word posting to the Discussion Board in which you explain what types of strategies and tactics went into the development of your researched ad or advertising campaign (use the Internet to find an ad or advertising campaign). Answer the following questions in your posting:

  • What ad or advertising campaign did you choose? Why?
  • What is the target market? How do you know?
  • What type(s) of strategy went into the company’s ad or advertising campaign?
  • What type(s) of tactics went into the company’s ad or advertising campaign?
  • Did the company do a good/bad job on the ad or advertising campaign?
  • Why is it imperative to do research prior to marketing a new product?
  • Attach a copy of the ad or advertising campaign to the Discussion Board?

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