mgt 420 team assignment Part II & III: BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Implementation Strategy


The highlighted section below in my portion of the assignment. They should be about 200 words each and an academic reference.


Continue building your proposal for BJB’s Strategic Planning Committee by adding 1,050-to 1,750-words outlining the strategies for addressing quality management issues and determining an effective means of deploying the quality management initiative.

Analyze factors that should be considered when measuring the results of quality initiatives by using the quality initiative the Learning Team selected to be the best fit for BJB. Address the leadership’s roles in successfully deploying an initiative. Then determine how this approach would help enhance the accomplishment of the following:

  • Reduction of the number of product failures
  • Material and labor costs due to gains in operational efficiencies
  • Profitability 200 words
  • Customer complaints management 200 words
  • Environmental regulations compliance
  • Reduction of the number of damage claims and service reliability in the supply chain
  • Levels of inventory
  • Inventory damage and shrinkage management
  • Communications, cooperation, and coordination between all departments within the company improvement

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