I nee these 2 question aswered for a group project



1.    How would you build teams across a geographically diverse organization?

Team development is a process that begins with setting goals and establishing common goals that build loyalty and trust is the key to building global teams.
Allow team members to get to know each other by sharing collective visions and engaging in various activities.  For example, assigning simple tasks where each member aware of their role and actually fulfilling it will allow members to more receptive of others.  They would look forward to collaborating again with team members.
With limited face-to-face time, the team must address meeting schedules, principles and procedure using virtual communication.  To explain, global teams must adhere to the same principles as non-global teams.


2.    How would you build a consensus discussion on the values of such an organization?

Communication is the most important things in an organization.  Engaging everyone in the discussion making sure their voice is heard and put forth effort to listening to team members’ suggestions and ideas.  The team should feel accountable and know that they have the ability to contribute to the values of an organization.



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