management essay

Write and essay of 200 words answering the following questions


1. How much would you change your ethical values or standards or your view of 

social responsibility in order to fit into a company? What if you were sent on 

assignment to another country where the national standards seemed to differ 

both from the corporate ones and from your personal standards? How much 

would you change?


2. Which of the basic approaches to ethical decision-making most closely matches 

your approach for dealing with ethical dilemmas?

3. Is it wise for a government to try to legislate ethics through laws such as the 


4. What is the ethical climate like in your school? What is your school’s policy or 

honor code concerning cheating? What is your ethical responsibility if you see 

someone cheating?

5. Would you be willing to be a whistle blower? On what type of issue would you 

blow the whistle? Inflated overtime submitted on a government contract? Sexual 

harassment? What organizational and personal factors would you consider?

6. Consider the following scenario: A sales representative from a textbook 

publisher calls on your professor to try to get him or her to adopt a new textbook. 

Is it okay for the professor to accept a free lunch from a publisher’s sales 

representative? If it is okay for a professor to accept a free lunch, what about a 

free game of golf? What about a free set of golf clubs after the game?

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