make work cited

MLA Works Cited List Exercise I

Directions: Create Works Cited entries for the following:

  • A book titled Why Men and Women are Different was written by Sandra Gablett and Stephany Totteff. It was published in 1957 by publishing company named Brook and Sons Inc. located in Winston, NY.

2. A newspaper article appeared in The Gazette on February 13, 1987. The title was Parking violations by some city officials, and it was written Anne Clicht. It appeared on pages 3B and 5C

3. An article on 63 funniest persons in the world appeared in Entertainment Monthly magazine in June of 1996. The author was Robin Williamson, and the article appeared on pages 110-135.

4. A website titled Cults of the World was created by Jack Righter and put on the following URL: You accessed it on April 14, 1997.

5. Camille Page wrote an article for The Encyclopedia Britannica, titled Sexism Throughout

the Ages. The article appeared in 1991 edition of the encyclopedia.

6. You interviewed Josh Shnack, one of the English professors at your university, about comma

conventions. You want this information on your report about punctuation. The interview

took place on November 12, 1996.

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