Sir Hans Adolf Krebs, Sir Frederick Grant Banting, and the husband and wife pair of Carl and Gerty Cori are applying for a job as the director(s) of a laboratory in your area. Help one of these scientists to write a compelling cover letter to go with his/her resume or curriculum vitae. Decide the type of lab to which the scientist might be applying, give it a name, and make clear the function of the lab.

The cover letter should be 2-3 pages long and include important information on his/her work or publications. Write the letter to highlight accomplishments that would impress a potential employer. For example, Sir Hans Adolf Krebs would certainly mention his role in the discovery of the citric acid cycle as it is a process that produces energy in the cell, but would not discuss his personal life, e.g., birth date, marital status, etc.

Describe the historical research (s)he performed that revolutionized modern science. Include an explanation of how their respective work contributed to a better understanding of the molecular basis of cell metabolism. Discuss how his/her discoveries influences the contemporary science practiced in the lab to which (s)he is applying.

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