**KIM WOODS** Outline


an outline for the Week 3 assignment: Search and Seizure Paper.

(below is what the paper consists of)

define (in your own words) right of privacy, search, seizure, arrest, and reasonableness, within the criminal justice system. Examine how each of these terms may apply to the following:

·         Stop-and-frisk

·          Automobile search rules

·          Requirements regarding border searches

·          Requirements for regulatory searches



the outline must include a properly APA formatted title page, introduction (heading only – not the narrative), all main points responsive to the assignment and a summary (heading only). See below on references.



conduct research to support the major points of the paper and provide a properly APA formatted reference page which includes the list of scholarly acceptable references.



should be from the following resources: course textbook, professional journals (encourage UOP online library – choose “peer reviewed” option for searches) and government agency websites.


***Do not use***

non-academic resources such as Findlaw.com, Wikipedia, Ask.com, eHow.com, AssociatedContent.com, commercial websites, etc.


**Only references

on the outline should be used in the following week’s team paper, unless pre-approved by instructor.

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