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1. Read Managing Responsibility: What Can Be Learned From the Quality Movement? Discuss the following questions in light of the article:


  • What does this article tell us about quality and responsibility management and how we can integrate this into organizational processes?
  • What can we ascertain from the reading that does not appear value added?
  • What company can improve responsibility management by improving quality management? How can this be done?

Provide examples and research to support your thinking.  This assignment only has to be one page long.


2. Final Project Milestone #6: Managing Responsibility


Read Moral Motivation Across Ethical Theories and Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Reputation. In a post titled 6-2: Managing Responsibility, answer the following questions:


  • How does your selected company manage its reputation and corporate citizenship?
  • What is the company doing right? Where can it improve?
  • What has your experience been? What do other stakeholders report about the company’s citizenship and reputation?
  • What makes you remain a stakeholder?

This assignment can be between 2-3 pages.


3. Search the internet for real-life examples of probability. As a hint, type “probability” followed by a topic of interest to you into the search engine. Carefully review the search results. Post a summary of your findings.

This assignment only has to be one page.

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