interpersonal processes and behavior

Select and discuss one of the following statements. Do you agree or disagree? Explain the rationale of your position and provide one (1) example of individual or group behaviors you have observed or experienced, which support your rationale.

  1. Ineffective communication is the fault of the sender.
  2. Most people are poor listeners.
  3. Most bosses are “poor communicators.”
  1. Post your position and rationale in the Week 4 – Communication discussion forum with the following:

    a. State, which statement you’ve selected to discuss and your position (agree or disagree).

    b. Explain the rationale of your position.

    c. Describe one (1) example of an individual or group work behavior to support or demonstrate your rationale. The example can be from your own work experiences or from a coworker.

  2. Read and reply to the postings of two (2) other students. For example, do you agree or disagree with their position? Why do you agree? If you disagree, what is your counterargument?


This assignment will help you analyze and gain an understanding of the importance of communication and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of different communication techniques and tools in various work situations.

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