Implementing Microsoft Outlook


Proposed Technology Solution


A.    Utilize the Greeters to process returns from customers who have their receipts.


B.    Utilize Bar Coding technology will be used to print a transaction identification on the purchase receipt so that the receipt for the returned goods can be scanned and the transaction can be pulled up.


C.    Utilize existing wireless scanning equipment to access the main transaction system and existing software to access the transactions and process returns. 


D.    Modify existing transactional software to accept credit transactions from a wireless hand scanner.


E.     Implement the successful WERP solution throughout Walmart.


I.      Project Management


A.     Project team


1.     Project Manager: Store Accounting Manager


2.     Executive Sponsor: Store Manager


3.     Project Team Members: Greeters, Cashiers, Programmers and Customer Service Staff


4.     Supplementary Staff, as and when needed.


B.    Schedule


1.     A detailed Schedule will be established by the Project Manager for WERP based on planning that will be completed  by the development team. 


2.     It will include all required activities that will lead to project success. 


3.     It will include the detailed actions required by the steps of the SDLC and identify deliverables and dates that they must be completed.


C.    Resources


1.     Initial monetary resource has been authorized for WERP by Corporate Management that will cover the costs of the manpower resources, program changes and new equipment purchases.


2.     Based on the schedule and the tasks required at various times the project team will need augmentation from the Store Staff for specific activities, for example accountants and auditors.


3.     A test environment must be established for development and testing of WERP within the transaction system.


4.     In the store, access to the test environment must be available on identified nights to duplicate actual operation.


D.   Deliverables


1.     Deliverables are used to ensure that the WERP Project is on time and meeting the established schedule and are substantive items that indicate a completed activity.


2.     They will include but are not limited to a document that be completed at each stage of the WERP SDLC that will be required to initiate the next step.  For instance, the Project Plan, Detailed Requirements, Detailed Design Document, purchase of new equipment and etc.


3.     The final deliverable will be the fully tested WERP System and trained employees ready to implement the WERP.


4.     Develop a plan and tools to install WERP in all Walmart stores.




A.    Planning


1.     Develop a high-level plan of the WERP Project and its intended goals.


2.     Develop a detailed plan that will be used to manage WERP.


3.     Provide a completed Plan and Schedule approved by the Project Manager.


B.    Analysis


1.     Develop detailed user requirements for WERP.


2.     Refine the goals into defined functions and operations of the WERP System.


3.     Provide a completed Requirements Document including explanation of functions and operational requirements approved by the Project Manager.


C.    Design


1.     Describe the desired features and functions of WERP.


2.     Develop screen layouts and receipt design.


3.     Develop business rules, like WERP will only handle returns of goods that are accompanied by a receipt.


4.     Develop process diagrams.


5.     Design a security plan and audit plan.


6.     Develop Pseudo Code and other documentation.


7.     Develop a detailed Test Plan.


8.     Provide a completed Detailed Design Document including all of the above, approved by the Project Manager.


D.   Development


1.     Transform the Detailed Design Document into the WERP System.


2.     Provide detailed documentation of the work performed to meet the Design Document requirements, approved by the Project Manager


E.    Testing


1.     Collect all aspects of the WERP System together in the special test environment and test for errors, bugs, interoperability and usability.


2.     Verify that all of the requirements and goals stated in the Requirements Document are met.


3.     Provide documentation of the completed Test Plan, approved by the Project Manager.


F.     Implementation


1.     Implement WERP


2.     Obtain User sign off that the system meets the requirements.


3.     Begin realizing the benefits.


G.    Operations and Maintenance


1.     Provide ongoing support to allow for changes, corrections, additions and upgrades to ensure that the WERP System continues to meet the business goals established.


2.     Operate system effectively.


III.Change Management


A.    Establish policies and procedures to request changes to requirements or business functions that allow the Project Manager to ensure that the requirements are met and the scope does not expand beyond the plan and budget.


B.    Ensure that required expected and unexpected changes, by government mandates, organizational changes or resource unavailability are identified and  documented; and if there is a requirement for schedule changes and increased funding, management approval is obtained and the key stakeholders are made aware of the changes.


C.    Establish a process that will help employees understand the changes, impact on their jobs, the scope, objective and benefits to obtain their support and minimize concern and resistance to change.


IV.Employee Training


A.    A detailed training program that can be used at our store for all employees who will be part of the WERP process will be developed. 


B.    All personnel at our store who will be involved with WERP will be trained in their particular function as well as in the overall WERP process.


C.    Part of the training will be a refresher in the use of the wireless scanning equipment since all employees are familiar with its basic operation as it is used for inventory activities.


D.    Ongoing monitoring of the initial implementation will allow the ability to monitor the employees in the correct WERP operation and assist them with correct usage and make adjustments to the training to emphasize areas that need reinforcement.


E.     Prepare the training program for use at other stores and refine a process for training trainers at other stores.


F.     Modify existing new employee training programs to include WERP training.


V.     Leadership Expectations


A.    The project will meet the stated user requirements.


B.    Project will be completed on time and on budget.


C.    A document containing equipment needs and training program that can be used at other Walmart Stores will be completed and adjusted for lessons learned.


D.    Customers wait time, when returning goods, will be decreased, which will improve customer satisfaction.


VI.Defining Success


A.    User requirements and functions perform as desired and expected.


B.    Project is completed on time and on budget.








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