I need a five paragraph essay of about 500 words on the following topic.

The paper should have a one paragraph introduction that engages the reader’s interest and presents the thesis statement to be developed in your essay; three supporting paragraphs, each with a topic sentence; and a short concluding paragraph consisting of a summary and a final thought.

College demands a lot. You must attend classes, take notes, read textbooks, study for quizzes, write papers— the list goes on. In addiction to school, you probably have other demands in your life. What are those demands? Write an essay that focus on TRHEE DEMANDS THAT COMPETE FOR YOUR TIME. To help you get started, here is a list of demands common to college students: Job, Housing, Children, Transportation, Spouse or significant other, Health conditions, Other family members, Financial debt, Living expenses, Hobbies and leisure activities.   PLEASE  help me to put title and DO NOT PLAGIARISM . Thank

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