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Certain occasional behaviors can cause more trouble than one might think. For many college students, drinking does not seem dangerous and is often viewed as a normal. Alcohol absorption and factors involved with alcohol metabolism are rarely discussed.

Review the following case study and answer the questions in essay format.

Paulo is a sophomore in college. On the weekends he goes out with his friends and will have anywhere from 5-8 drinks during the evening. Paulo met his friends during freshman year and they all agree that drinking is part of the college experience. Paulo always has a hangover after a big night of drinking, but doesn’t think it’s an issue because he never drinks on the weekdays and it isn’t affecting his schoolwork. On a football weekend that included a lot of drinking, one of Paulo’s friends, Luke, got into a fight and ended up in the emergency room. The doctor told Luke his Blood Alcohol Concentration was so high that he nearly had alcohol poisoning. Although Paulo knew drinking and driving could be dangerous, Paulo was surprised that the doctor warned Luke about “binge drinking.” Paulo began to wonder whether his drinking was affecting his own health.

How common is binge drinking in college? What factors increase an individual’s risk for the short and long term effects of alcohol? Why do college students like Paulo feel it is part of the college experience to drink regularly? What should universities, parents, friends, and others do to address high risk drinking and to change these behaviors?

4 Essays, 1 essay per Part:

Part I: Finding the Perfect Balance
Chapter # 1 General Health Concepts
Chapter # 2 Promoting and Preserving Your Psychological Health
Chapter # 3 Managing Stress: Managing Stress and Coping with Life Challenges
Chapter # 4 Preventing Violence and Injury

Part II: Building Healthy Relationships
Chapter # 5 Understanding Sexuality
Chapter # 6 Considering your Reproductive Alternatives

Part III: Avoiding Risks Related to Bad Habits
Chapter # 7 Recognizing and Avoiding Addiction and Drug Use
Chapter # 8 Drinking Alcohol Responsibly and Ending Tobacco Use

Part IV: Building Healthy Lifestyles
Chapter # 9 Eating for a Healthier You
Chapter # 10 Reaching and Maintaining a Healthy Weight


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