HU300-10 Seminar

In Seminar this week you will discuss reading trends. In 2004, the National Endowment for the Arts put out a study about “Reading at Risk” about the decline of reading in America. In 2007, another study showed that 1 on 4 adults read no books in 2006. However, recent studies show reading is increasing from the 2006 figures.

Read the articles below to compare the studies prior to Seminar. Be prepared to discuss the following articles with the class.

As part of your Seminar discussion this week, you will also consider three genres of literature, the novel, short stories, and poetry.

“One in Four Read No Books Last Year.”

Source: Fram, Alan. (2007, August). “One in Four Read No Books Last Year.” The Washington Post Retrieved from

“Reading on the Rise for the first time since 1982, NEA Reports”

Source: Thompson, Bob. (2009, January). “Reading on the Rise for the first time since 1982, NEA Reports.” The Washington Post. Retrieved from



Your response to the Seminar Discussion topics should total 200 to 250 words.

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