homer`s epic

1- Do an internet search – what are the four Noble Truths in Buddhism? What is the noble Eight Fold Path?

2 – Does the story Monkey celebrate Monkey’s free spirit and ingenuity or is it a serious allegory of Monkey and Tripitaka’s journey toward Buddhist enlightenment?

3 – Who is the hero of this story, Tripitaka or Monkey? Support your choice.

4- Tripitaka is the only human character of the group that goes on the journey. His three disciples are in some way  other worldly.Why do you think he is the least relatable of the group?

5 -What function do the poems play in the story? Do they help or hinder your understanding of the story?

6- The journey story has been popular across time and cultures. What are the common characteristics of a journey story (you may need to do a quick internet search for this)? How does Journey to the West compare to other journey stories you may have read (The Odyssey, Gilgamesh)?

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