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4 DQ Questions 200 word response each.






  1. What is your experience with PDM (participative decision making)? What specific conditions make it the “right” management approach? When should it be avoided? What steps can a leader take to ensure that PDM works?



2. What formal and informal communication activities and ICT tools/ methods are used by leaders in each of the four styles: traditional, transactional, transformational and network?  Which style is LEAST familiar to you and what new communication skills or behaviors would you have to develop to be effective in that style 


3.Describe the structure of your current (or a recent) organization (traditional, relational, cultural, network or a combination). Based on the text and your experience, a) describe what is required for communication to be effective in each structure, b) define the best communication opportunities and vehicles for the organization you selected. Next, c) evaluate the effectiveness of the communication strategy in that organization and d) what should be improved and how?



4. Communication Campaigns. One VP estimated that it takes 1,111 communications with employees before each employee “gets” the message and adapts his/her behavior. In fact, communicating about key topics in organizations is more like a campaign of many communications to a variety of audiences, with carefully selected and clearly stated messages, using a variety of vehicles and presented many times over a long period of time. Think of a communication campaign in an organization and identify the different audiences, messages, vehicles and length of the campaign.


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