ethics and police administration respond given scenario 500 600 words addressing following 8

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Ethics and Police Administration 


Respond to the given scenario in 500-600 words addressing the following 8 questions


Due March 6th




Primary Task Response: Write 500–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:




1. What do you think are the legal issues involved in the scenario? Explain.


2. What do you think are the ethical issues involved in the scenario? Explain.


3. What are the possible consequences of not addressing these ethical issues? Explain.


4. Considering the directive given to you by your chief that he wants results and not excuses, what are some of the factors that you should take into consideration?


5. How would you respond to the follow-up questions from the reporter? Why?


6. What will most likely result from your responses, and how will you protect yourself and your career? Explain.


7. How significant is it to you that a superior officer is implying that you should make an unethical decision? Explain.


8. How did this affect what you would say to the reporter? Explain.


*Must have a minimum of 2 reliable references with websites in APA format


*No Cover Page




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