Enterprise Architecture questions


Instructions:.  Use short replies – a few well-considered sentences, a moderately long paragraph at most



You work at a large federal agency.  A colleague proposes that the agency EA is no longer required because the agency has gone to Agile development? Provide (a) a reason why the EA is still needed despite the agency using Agile but (b) an example of something where the agency might actually modify, even reduce, its use of a traditional EA because of using Agile. 



Now that you have finished this course and had an overview of various EA frameworks, what is a legitimate reason for the EA community to still have different frameworks in use and not to have consolidated on just one?



Why are the hierarchical levels of an EA framework, or views of an EA at different levels of detail, helpful in documenting an enterprise?  




You have been recently hired by a Fortune 500 company to assist in refining the company’s Enterprise Architecture.  One of your first tasks is to prepare a short presentation to explain the business benefits for maintaining an EA.  What are a few (3-4) of the points that you might end up including in this presentation?  




Pick one of the following topics – use of cloud computing, increased use of mobile apps or concerns about privacy.  Pick only one.  Describe how addressing one of these topics might be seen in developing an Enterprise Architecture. 



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