Due MIDNIGHT: Respond/Critique two discussion posts. SHORT (Anatomy)

     Part II:  Respond to at least 2 classmates’ posts to do two things.  First, constructively comment on an original portion of that student’s post.  Second, discuss another condition that might affect or influence the topic that was discussed. Please choose from the list of diseases, disorders, toxins and drugs located in the Course Information folder.  You will need to use a separate disease for each response post.

                        Due – 11:59PM on February 16th



Below are the attached documents. These are their discussion entries. You must respond/critique their works. And do EXACTLY what is stated above. This should take no more than an hour…


I have provided an Example of what your review should look like as well. This is an older example so don’t try to use the information on it…




message me “physiology” to let me know you read this.

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