complete plan for PUBR

Complete Plan (20%) 
Prepare a 1300 word paper in which you recommend strategies and tactics to build media relations and generate publicity for the organization selected in week five.  Be sure to address the following in your paper
•Strategy Paper Objectives for the PR Campaign media relations’ plan including
-Media relations’ strategy
-Identify the organization’s publics 
-Identify the risks in the strategy.
-Write a media release and create a media distribution list for the media release
•Develop a tactical plan utilizing at least five of the PR tools listed below:
• Event planning
• Open house
• Press conference
• Community event
• Sponsorship
• Corporate newsletter (internal and/or external)
• Direct mail
• Internet/intranet
• Social media
• Promotional items
• Promotions – sweepstakes
• Spokesperson
•Evaluate the business implications of your PR Campaign


APA style

no plagiairsm


I have attached the outline

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