community and service

Assignment #1

Final Version of ROL

Submit your final version of your ROL as a second document in the original assignment.  Your initial grade will be changed to reflect your additional work. 


Power Point Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation:  You are required to develop a PowerPoint presentation highlighting your community service activity and post it to your personal web site.  The presentation should include your perceptions of your volunteer experience at your volunteer site.  It should include discussion of your volunteer activities, aspirations, frustrations, and anticipated contributions.  You may also include perceptions of community problems, your sense of community and your individual learning and commitment.  It is assigned to give you the opportunity to “present” your volunteer experience in your own special, creative way.  You need to have at least 5 slides that describe your volunteer experience.  You may have more, of course.  It is up to you.  Dr.S


Presentation Content (substantial; what you want us to know about your volunteer experience).


Presentation Appeal (interesting; fascinating; not dull or boring).


Presentation Creativity (very creatively done).


Writing Style (correct syntax; no misspelled words; no contractions; etc).

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