Career Focus

As you look ahead to your career in the Early Childhood field, you will see that modifying instruction and adapting strategies and activities are what make children in the inclusion classroom thrive.

Read the following article:


Sandall, S. (2003). Play Modifications for Children with Disabilities. NAEYC, Young Children, 1-2. Retrieved from

Refer to the table on page 2 of the article, and address the following:


  1. List three (3) types of modification you think you may use as an Early Childhood Care Professional in your future career. Explain how you would use these.
  2. What is meant by invisible support? Give an example other than the one listed in the text that you will use in your future career.

WRITE ABOUT  “An Inclusive Approach to Early Education

Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. Please think about the various learning activities you engaged in during this unit. In the Journal tab at the top of this page, write one page summarizing what you learned this week. How might you apply this learning to your personal and professional life?



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