Can you do Introduction to Education Work

  1. During the first week of this course, you considered the importance of building literacy in infancy and toddlerhood. As you studied preschool education, you added to your understanding of literacy and language in the lives of 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds. Now, in the context of kindergarten and primary education, summarize Maya’s philosophy regarding the role of books and teaching reading.

  2. In the Required Resource, “Developmentally Appropriate Practice in the Primary Grades—Ages 6–8 : Overview,” the point is made that primary-grade curriculum should be integrated. In what ways does Maya’s study of penguins represent quality integrated education? Why does an integrated curriculum work well for children birth through third grade?

  3. Throughout this course, you have been studying key components of quality education including discovery, child-centered learning, characteristics of quality teachers, and the importance of respectful and responsive child-adult relationships. In this week’s readings, another component is underscored: structure and routines. In your own words, explain why structure and routines are integral to quality education and working with children of all ages.

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