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Users in your organization are concerned about performance and network security. After a meeting with your organization’s IT governance team, the IT department was asked to identify various tools that can be used to monitor the network for performance and security. In addition to logging actions of users and hackers and generating alarms, some of the needed tools should also be able to identify network bottlenecks.



Project Guidelines


1.    Considering the information above, answer the following questions as a group:


·         What are 3 tools that can be used to monitor network data bottlenecks?


o   Describe these 3 tools.


·         What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of these tools?


·         What are 3 security tools that can be used to monitor network security events or prevent network intrusion?


o   Describe these 3 security tools.


·         What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of these security tools?


·         What 5 network processes, devices, and systems should be continuously monitored for performance? Why?


2.    Organize your group answers into a formal group research paper.


3.    The content of your research paper should be written in an 8–15-page double spaced Microsoft Word document.


·         This does not include a title page or a list of references.


4.    You may use section headings and bullets to organize your research paper.


5.    All in-text citations and references should be in APA format.




Your submitted Project (200 points) must include the following:


•     An 8–15-page double-spaced research paper that addresses the 5 questions listed in the assignment guidelines


•     A title page that includes your name, course number, and unit number


•     A reference list in APA format


Deliverable Length:

8–15-page APA Formatted double spaced Microsoft Word document


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