bus system analysis 0

Use Microsoft Word or the drawing application of your choice to create a context diagram for a hypothetical system design.  Show at least two external entities and at least two data flows connecting the context diagram to each entity.  


Accompany this with a description in your words addressing the following:  1)  What functionality and what organization does the design apply to?  2)  What information does each of the external entities put into or take out of the system?  3)  What data elements are included in each data flow?


Example of #3:  The data flow named “Student Biodata” contains the following elements:  Gender (M/F), Date of Birth (date), Years of Education (integer), and Marital Status (Marrried/Not Married).  


If you can get everything in one document, that’s fine.  If not, just upload two documents, one for the diagram and one for the explanation.

Due data will be any time on Thursday, Oct. 17th

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