Appreciative Inquiry

5 pages, no introduction and no conclusion, only the body of the essay and references. All APA style.
Appreciative Inquiry
Read: Appreciative Inquiry: An Emerging Direction for Organization Development, David L. Cooperrider,
Peter F. Sorensen, Jr., Therese F. Yaeger, and Diana Whitney, editors. Champaign IL: Stipes Publishing L.L.C., 2001. Copyright 2001 by Stipes Publishing L.L.C. (Chapter 3)
Read: Critical evaluation of appreciative inquiry: Bridging an apparent paradox, Suzanne Grant and
Maria Humphries. Action Research Volume 4(4): 401–418 Copyrightⓒ
2006 SAGE Publications London, Thousand Oaks CA, DOI: 10.1177/1476750306070103
Read: Appreciative Inquiry:An Action Research Method for Organizational Transformation and its Implications to the Practice of Group Process Facilitation, James P. Troxel, Millennia Consulting, LLC, Chicago, Illinois
Review: Appreciative Inquiry Commons
Review: Powerpoint: Brief Overview of AI
Select an example of a research project using Appreciative Inquiry from the AI Commons. Create a summary in a 5 page case study which addresses:
o Description of the Organization
o Topic of Inquiry
o Discovery phase
o Dream phase
o Design phase
o Delivery phase
o Outcomes
Create a set of interview questions using an AI approach for a hypothetical organization
wanting to enhance either 1)customer satisfaction if a forprofit organization, or 2)teamwork among staff if a non profit.
ï‚· Using the same topic as your interview questions, develop a graphic appreciative inquiry model depicting the stages of your AI including at a minimum 1)the focus of inquiry, 2)Discovery, 3)Dream, 4)Design and 5)Deliver or Destiny.
5 pages, no introduction and no conclusion, only the body of the essay and references. All APA style

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