A-plus Writer: DQ 1 and 2


Week 3 – Discussion 1


Discuss the following:


  • What evidence did you see and hear by watching Mr. Pronovost Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games that supports what has been learned thus far regarding setting & communicating learning objectives, using the gradual release model, giving feedback, and assessment?
  • How does he specifically structure his lesson to incorporate technology? How does using technology promote differentiation?
  • What evidence is there of varying levels of cognition?
  • How do you believe this type of learning environment makes students feel about their capabilities with math? Why?


*** Use VoicethreadEyejot, or YouTube and respond to the prompt and post the link to your video or audio recording in the discussion forum for others to respond to.


Guided Response: Respond to a minimum of two classmates. How were their ideas of technology promoting differentiation different from your own? How does their viewpoint expand your own?  Consider their perspective on the learning environment. Provide specific feedback regarding their perspective in comparison with your own.


Week 3 – Discussion 2


According to the vision statement of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, education systems should pursue measurement of student outcomes that are:


  • Performance-based
  • Embedded in curriculum
  • Based on a common evidentiary model of cognition and learning


Keeping in mind that Performance Tasks are NOT assessments, rather tools to practice thinking and problem solving in more complex ways, analyze the Performance Task for grade 4 math and reflect on the following:


  • What core academic concept are students required to master?
    Of the list of nine 21st Century Skills outcomes, which are students practicing in this task and how do you know?
  • Describe how the task is performance-based.
  • How is assessment embedded? In other words, what are students presenting the teacher with AND how will the teacher measure it?
  • Based on what students ultimately have to DO in this task, what Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level do you believe this task reaches? Explain your reasoning.
  • What DOK levels are present in this discussion’s line of questions? How do you know?


Guided Response: Review at least two different classmates’ posts. How does their analysis of the Performance Task compare to your own? Provide feedback regarding areas their analysis differed from your own. Did their analysis change your perspective? How?


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