10 minute presentation

Presentation is based on the following:



  Immigration – HealthCare between three countries US being one.






Give reasons why this issue is a problem in the first place.  Describe 5 distinct instances where this world issue has caused a problem within the context of local and international business.  Include the role of IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization (WTO) and related organizations, World Health Organization (WHO), and any other world organization in diffusing any situations.  Conclude with any solutions that have been adopted or that you suggest to aid international business.




Must be gramatically correct and no plagarism


You will be graded on the following:


– Completeness of topic analysis providing factors for the global issue


– Thought-out discussion of how each country has dealt with the issue 


– Recommendations for how to solve the problem


– Organized presentation of the material


– Teamwork and creativity




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